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Spellings: Each week children will bring home between 5-10 spellings. Please practise these every day before Friday. On Friday's the children will be tested on those spellings. 

Education City: Each maths unit the children will have a number of tasks to complete on their online Education City page. They do not have to be done all at one, little and often will help them to consolidate the learning we have done in class. 

Phonics: Each night the children will bring home their phonics learning for that day. Please spend 5 minutes asking your child what sound they have learnt a reading the phonics words for that day. 

Reading: Children will bring home a banded book to read. If they read 5 times a week they are rewarded with a lego brick for their lego chart and a certificate at the end of each term for those consistently reading. 

Termly topic homework: Choose any of the below homeworks. Children can we rewarded with up to 10 house points. 

Mild = 2

Medium =3

 Hot = 5

Draw or take a picture of an animal in its habitat. 

Draw and label a diagram of a snail. 

Carefully construct a microhabitat for another animal and take a picture to bring in. 


Read a new book by one of our authors.


Visit a library or bookshop and take a picture. Measure and record how long it takes to get there. 

Write your own version of a book you love.


Draw an illustration for a book you love. 


Write a book review.

Write a comparison of two books you have read.