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Homerton Class - Mrs Green

Achievement Certificates


Achievement award - Evelyn has been using her phonic knowledge when writing

Progress award - Sophie has made great progress with her reading 


Achievement award - This week Leo has been using his phonic knowledge when writing his letter to Santa. 

Progress award - This week Elisa has been working really hard in English. 


Achievement award - This week Thomas has coped really well with wearing his new glasses. 

Progress award - Lewis has improved with recount writing. 


Achievement award - Well done Eva for writing a brilliant recount about Forest school

Progress award- Well done Paris for working really had with Miss White this week.


Achievement award - Well done Phoebe for persevering with your handwriting. 

Progress award - Well done Amelie for working independently this week. 


Achievement award - Well done Zoe, you have been working really hard this week, especially during independent tasks. 

Progress award - Well done Emma, you have been working hard in Maths and could use a number line to help you solve problems. 


Achievement award - Well done Anna, you have been working hard and always try your best.

Progress award - Well done Ege,  you did some great writing about bonfire night.


Achievement certificate- Well done Lena, you have been working hard to learn your number bonds to ten this week. 

Progress certificate - Well done Telmo, you have been concentrating really well during group activities. 


Achievement certificate - Well done Ben, this week you have have made your own story map based on the Three Litttle Pigs. 

Progress certificate - Well done Anna, you have been challenging yourself when working independently. 




Achievement certificate - Well done this week to Miles for his positive attitude towards school. 

Progress certificate - Well done to Evelyn for challenging herself during child inititaed learning by writing a set of instructions about how to make a Lego Beyblade.

How to make a Lego Beyblade

  1. Get some Lego
  2. Put a circle under a square
  3. Get two rectangles 
  4. Get a square 
  5. Put it on the rectangle.



Achievement certificate - Well done to Eman for working hard and always trying her best.

Progress certificate - Well done to William for his understanding of greater than in maths .


Achievement certificate - Well done to Sophie for her very neat independent writing about the Little Red Hen.

Progress certificate - Well done to Wilbur for showing a great understanding of greater than and less than in maths. 


Progress Certificate – Well done to Naomi for reading every day at home.

Achievement Certificate– Well done to Olivia for super writing about the Little Red Hen.


Progress Certificate – Well done to Leo for settling in well this week.

Achievement Certificate - Well done to Ingrid for being a kind and helpful member of the class.