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Home learning

 Update: Thursday 2nd April

Hello everyone!!
Today, some members of the Trumpington Federation are meeting together, virtually, to read to you our own version of the book: Stay at home.
Find your template and certificate at the bottom of this page 🦸‍♀️ 🦸‍♂️ 



Week beginning 23/3/2020

Home Learning – week 1 (beginning 23/3/2020)

Although the school will close on Friday 20th March, we do have lots of ideas to help the children reinforce some of the things we have studied so far this year – hopefully they will enjoy the activities and the work will keep them busy.

We will update the home learning section of our website on a weekly basis until school reopens, during term time.

We would like the children to spend some time each day, practising skills in reading, writing and maths.

Here are some ideas for week 1:

Reading – we would like the children to continue to read and complete their reading records five times a week. Please ensure that your child writes a detailed comment for each day and signs their reading record. We have also uploaded a reading comprehension and answer booklet for you to complete.

Writing – we have recently completed our unit on information texts. In order to consolidate their learning, we would like pupils to plan and write a detailed information text on a magical plant or flower. Spend the equivalent of one English lesson on imagining your plant and drawing and labelling a detailed illustration, an hour planning your text, followed by two hours to write the text later in the week. We would like them to spend some time producing a presentation copy. For spelling, we would like the children to practise the spellings they have been given so far this term.

Maths – it would be great if you could spend a few minutes each day practising times tables and multiplication facts with your child – it will help to maintain their recall. We have worked really hard to improve our understanding of fractions so it would be useful if our pupils could spend an hour producing a poster to show everything they have learned about fractions, such as what the different parts of a fraction are called, what an equivalent fraction is, what a mixed number is, how we find equivalent fractions, and how we add and subtract fractions. Ideally they should spend an hour on this task. Another useful activity is to think of some word problems involving fractions for another member of the family to solve. Try to complete the following education city activities: Floating fractions, Rockface fractions, Impropeller fractions and Piece of the fraction  activities as well.

In addition, your child has been given a copy of their username and password for the ‘education city’ website. There are a number of grammar, reading and maths activities for your child to complete. Most of the activities can be completed on a tablet or smartphone.

Please visit to complete these further activities.


We understand that there have been some issues with the education city website this week. As an alternative, please visit for a series of lessons on decimals. Remember to time yourself and complete your times tables challenge sheet five times a week.

The children could also keep up to date with current affairs by watching newsround. They usually post a video in the morning and one at 4pm on CBBC.

PE- The body coach will be delivering live youtube PE lessons at 9am every morning.  This would be an excellent and energetic way to start the day!

Topic related activities:

There are a number of STEM activities available online for our current topic, space, that would be accessible for home learning. These vary from science investigations, history, geography, art and DT areas: