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Home Learning - Summer A

Home Learning: Summer A

The attachments below are resources and work sheets that you will find helpful to use with your child at home.

Please see each separate weekly tab for new challenges, resources and ideas.

The new phonics that we would like your children to learn will be included in each weekly tab.

(week 1) ‘ch’ (chop, chip) ‘sh’ (shop, ship)                

(week 2)  Short ‘oo’ (look, book)  long ‘oo’ (moon, food)                                      

(week 3) Soft ‘th’ (then, there)  hard ‘th’ (this, that)                       

(week 4) ‘ng’ (king, ring) ‘qu’ (queen, quick)

(week 5) ‘ou’ (mouse) ‘ow’ (owl)