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The Fawcett infant and junior schools were founded in 1949-1950. Originally separate, the two schools amalgamated in 1989 to become Fawcett Primary School.Since its formation, the school has continued to grow and most recently went through extensive modifications and extensions to the building to enable the school to grow to two forms of entry to meet the increasing demand for places at the school.The school is named after Henry Fawcett.

Who was Henry Fawcett? 

Henry Fawcett (26 August 1833 – 6 November 1884) was a blind British academic, Statetesman and economist.

Fawcett was elected Member of Parliament for Brighton in 1865. He held this seat until 1874, and thereafter represented Hackney between 1874 and 1884. He campaigned for women's suffrage. In 1880, Henry Fawcett was appointed Postmaster-General by William Ewart Gladstone and sworn of the Privy Council. 

He introduced many innovations, including parcel post, postal orders, and licensing changes to permit payphones and trunk lines. Millicent Garrett Fawcett was born in Suffolk 1847 and married Henry Fawcett in 1867. Millicent was a pioneering campaigner for women’s rights and the right to vote, always using peaceful protest.

The Fawcett Society, a major UK charity working for equality for women at home and at work was renamed in Millicent’s honour in 1953.