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Governance at the Federation

The Trumpington Federation Governing Body covers Fawcett Primary School and Trumpington Meadows Primary School.

Governors monitor the performance of the schools in our Federation. They protect the interests of the schools and the children, offer guidance and support and promote good communication with parents.  They work with school staff to oversee the curriculum, manage the finances and ensure that all aspects of the Federation's provision are of a consistently  high standard.

The Governing Body acts as a critical friend to the schools.  They work closely with the Executive Headteacher and School Leadership Teams and make decisions collectively. 

They conduct their business through meetings, using relevant documents and advice from the Executive Headteacher for guidance.  We are fortunate to have an extremely committed and skilled Governing Body who take a keen interest in the Federation and its continued development and success

The Full Governing Body meets twice a term and the two sub-committees, Teaching & Learning and Resources meet a minimum of once a term.

The legal responsibilities of the Governing Body are to:

  • Help raise standards of education and achievement
  • Plan the schools’ future direction
  • Take general responsibility for the conduct of the school
  • Manage the school budget, including staff numbers and pay
  • Make sure the curriculum is balanced and broad and that the school meets the requirements of the national curriculum.
  • Set targets for achievement
  • Report National Curriculum and assessment results
  • Decide how the school encourages pupils’ spiritual, moral, and cultural development

The Governing Body Co-Chairs are Liz Woodham and Gavin Davies who can be contacted via the Clerk to Governors (see below) or via

Governors can be contacted via either school or via the Clerk to Governors, at

Copies of meeting minutes are available on request.

Membership and Register of Interests

Liz Woodham - Co-opted Governor - Co-Chair of Governing Body
I joined Fawcett’s governing body in early 2011 as a ‘community governor’ and then became a member of the Trumpington Federation governing body when it was established.  I used to be a primary teacher in north London and now work for NRICH, a mathematics education project based here in the university, so one of the reasons for wanting to be a governor is my desire to see fantastic teaching and learning of maths.  However, I am also passionate about primary education being a broad and rich experience for young children.  I loved school as a child, and in a very small way, would like to help children in Trumpington enjoy their primary school years too.
Gavin Davies - Co-opted Governor - Co-chair of Governing Body
Description coming soon

Emily Black - Co-opted Governor - Chair of Resources Committee

I became a governor in March 2017, shortly after moving to the Trumpington area. As a mother of two young children, I found the importance of high quality early years and primary education to be top of mind, and wanted to contribute. After over a decade in strategy consulting, I'm keen to use my analytical, business skill set to support the Trumpington Federation. 
Sara Garnham (Co-chair of Teaching & Learning committee

Sara has lived in Cambridge for over 30 years.  She worked locally, nationally and internationally; most recently as general manager for an exciting ed-tech start up.  

Sara has recently stepped down as MAT board director of CAP in Cambridge, and currently holds board position for Catalyst Housing and New International Encounter who are based at Cambridge Junction.

Saussan Khalil (Co-Chair of Teaching & Learning Committee)

Saussan is a Senior Arabic Language Teacher at Cambridge University, and the founder and director of Kalamna, a social enterprise providing Arabic language classes and resources for children and adults in Cambridge, Newcastle and online.

Saussan joined the Federation’s governing body in 2020 and has two children attending Trumpington Meadows school. She is a member of the Teaching and Learning sub-committee.

I am excited to be working as part of a fantastic team of experienced governors to provide strategic management for the Federation and support staff in delivering an excellent education to children.

Ian Jones - Parent Governor (Trumpington Meadows)
Ian Jones moved to Cambridge from Hampshire in August 2018 and he has two children at Trumpington Meadows.  He joined the Governing Body in October 2018 as a parent governor.  His professional background is in education having had senior roles in Development, Alumni Relations and Communications for UK universities and schools, as well as a stint working with a leading consultancy firm. In addition to the main Governing Body, Ian is also a member of the Resources sub-committee.
Anne L'Hernault - Parent Governor (Fawcett)
Anne L’Hernault is originally from France but has lived in Cambridge since 2004. Anne joined the Governing Body as a parent governor in November 2019 and has two children at Fawcett. Her professional background is in science and technology, having worked in academic research for 12 years and in the pharmaceutical industry for the past 5 years. Anne joined the Governing Body to help the Federation deliver the best possible education and learning environment for the children. In addition to the main Governing Body, Anne is also a member of the Teaching & Learning sub-committee.
Tom Baglin - Co-opted Governor
Tom was born and raised in South Cambridgeshire and joined the Governing Body in February 2021 as a co-opted Governor. He is the FP&A Manager of a Genomic Data Analysis company, having worked in Finance for over 10 years in different sectors including audit and pharma.
Sara Day - Staff Governor
Sara moved to Cambridge from London in 2016 where she completed her PGCE at Homerton College, Cambridge. Her first teaching post was at The Trumpington Federation where she has had the opportunity to teach at both Trumpington Meadows and Fawcett Primary Schools. Prior to qualifying as a teacher, Sara worked as a management consultant at Deloitte and PwC for 17 years. Sara is passionate about the difference that primary education can make in the lives of children.
Neal Carter
In my day job I’m a Chartered Engineer and senior leader in a civil engineering organisation, delivering major infrastructure schemes of national importance. My primary skills are in leadership (specifically transformation and change), project management and performance. 

I’m professionally qualified as a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers, and a member of both the Institute of Directors and Association of Project Management. I’m very interested in the development of those I work with, providing mentoring and coaching to a range of junior and senior colleagues to encourage their personal and professional development.

I live in Trumpington and have two young sons at the start of their education journey. I’m keen to ensure I support the wider community to make the performance of our schools better and therefore improve the outcomes for all.
Oriana Dalton - Ex officio - Executive Headteacher
Please see our staff pages for more information
Governors who have stepped down in the last 12 months
Name Date of appointment Date stepped down
Mandy Maxwell 24.9.19 5.5.22
Catherine Jones 4.7.17 12.7.22
Lauren Laing 9.12.19 12.7.22

Governing Body Committee Membership and Terms of Reference

The Governing Body has delegated certain responsibilities to two committees - the Resources Committee and the Teaching & Learning Committee.  All committee members have full voting rights. 

Resources Committee Teaching & Learning Committee
Emily Black (Chair) Saussan Khalil (Co-Chair)
Tom Baglin  (Vice Chair) Sara Garnham (Co-Chair)
Ian Jones Liz Woodham
Catherine Jones Anne L'Hernault
Lauren Laing Ori Dalton
Ori Dalton Sara Day
Gavin Davies Gavin Davies
  Neal Carter




Meeting Attendance 2021 - 2022


P - present

A - absent with apologies

F - absent but failed to give apologies

n/a - not a member of the Governing Body at that time

Full Governing Body








Catherine Jones


P P P P  


Liz Woodham

P P P P P    

Ori Dalton

P P P P P    
Emily Black P P P P P    
Ian Jones P P P A A    
Mandy Maxwell P A A F P    
Lauren Laing P P A A A    
Anne L'Hernault P P P P A    
Saussan Khalil P P P P P    
Tom Baglin P P P F P  
Sara Day P A P P P  
Sara Garnham A P P P P  
Gavin Davies P P P P P  
Neal Carter P P P P P  


Resources Committee




26.1.22 16.3.22 20.4.22 29.6.22
Emily Black (Chair) P P P P P P

Ori Dalton

Catherine Jones P F P A P P

Ian Jones

Mandy Maxwell P P F F F N/A
Lauren Laing P A P P A A
Gavin Davies P P P P P P
Tom Baglin P P P P P A


Teaching & Learning Committee




10.11.21 19.1.22 9.3.22 18.5.22 


Saussan Khalil (co- chair) P P P P    
Sara Garnham (co-chair) P P P P    

Ori Dalton

P P P P    

Liz Woodham

P P P P    
Anne L'Hernault P P A P    
Gavin Davies P P P P    
Sara Day P P P P    
Neal Carter P P P A