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Forest school at home


Check out this great new website from the Woodland Trust - full of lots of wonderful activity ideas


Also check out BBC Earth - combining fun facts, amazing creatures and a load of cool stuff about our planet.

Forest School activities at home

For anyone wishing to have a go at Forest School type activities at home.  I have attached below 4 documents:

- a list of ideas that you can do indoors

- a list of ideas that you can do outdoors

- KS1 Wild bingo board 

- KS2 Wild bingo board

If you complete a full house on the bingo board, you will receive a certificate! If you take photos as evidence, they can be e-mailed to Miss Edge via the school office.

Also, below are some links to great resources:

Websites / links

BBC Science lessons


What does a plant need to grow -

What plants can you find outside -

What are the parts of a plant -

What is the life cycle of a plant -

Great websites

TV shows


Bird hunt -

Animal homes –

Gardening clips - - sign up to a weekly email service and they will send you free printables and activity ideas