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Forest school


Happy 50th Anniversary of Earth Day!

Today we celebrate our planet and one of its smallest most critical organisms.. 

The Bee!

Did you know? Bees pollinate 2/3 of our world's crops as well as 85% of the world's flowering plants! Wow!

Why don't you learn more about Bees and the important role they play! Email me with what you find out. Or make some Bee art and send me a photo?

NEW - just in time for #EarthDay its a "Nature Edition" of the 77 Simple #STEMIdeas for Families!
Get a PDF at & get learning!

Also check out BBC Earth - combining fun facts, amazing creatures and a load of cool stuff about our planet.

Forest School activities at home

For anyone wishing to have a go at Forest School type activities at home.  I have attached below 4 documents:

- a list of ideas that you can do indoors

- a list of ideas that you can do outdoors

- KS1 Wild bingo board 

- KS2 Wild bingo board

If you complete a full house on the bingo board, you will receive a certificate! If you take photos as evidence, they can be e-mailed to Miss Edge via the school office.

Also, below are some links to great resources:

Websites / links

TV shows


Bird hunt -

Animal homes –

Gardening clips - - sign up to a weekly email service and they will send you free printables and activity ideas