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How do I know it is safe to send my child back to school?

We have developed rigorous risk assessments throughout the year since schools first closed to the majority of pupils in March 2020. These have been reviewed and updated, along with the arrangements for accessing and moving around the buildings, at each stage of the various school reopenings and closures.  Our risk assessments for March 2021 are available on the website here

We appreciate that there will be concerns around the current rates of infection and transmission in the wider community, however the government has mandated that all children should return to school on 8th March, so we have done all that we can to ensure that our sites are as safe as they can be. 

Your support in maintaining the health and safety of all children, staff and families by wearing face coverings as instructed, not lingering on the school sites, maintaining social distancing and good hand hygiene is vital to reducing the risk of infection in our school community.

What happens if there is a suspected case of COVID 19 in my child’s class?

If there is a suspected case of COVID 19 in school the person involved will be isolated and sent home. They will be advised to take a test. If this test is negative, the person can return to school. However, if it is positive, parents will be notified and the bubble will be sent home to socially isolate for a period of 10 days. If this was to occur, the classes will once again revert to home learning and we will set up learning to be undertaken at home.

We ask all parents to please make sure that anyone who is displaying symptoms does not enter the school site. Also, if there is anyone at home displaying symptoms, children should be kept away from school until test results are known. This is to protect all children and adults in our school community.

What is school going to do to support children to catch up?

After a settling in period when our priority will be to ensure that our children feel happy and safe at school, we will embark on a process of assessing the children’s learning, identifying any gaps and directing teaching towards those.  We will continue to deliver a broad curriculum based on the plans that have been developed by our team over this period of lockdown.

How will school support a child’s wellbeing?

We will continue to deliver our PSHE curriculum and work with the children on areas such as talking and listening, turn taking, sharing our feelings etc.  Any immediate or emerging concerns will be addressed by teachers and the inclusion team as appropriate in partnership with families.

How will school communicate with parents?

We have been advised not to allow parents into the school buildings at this current time.

Anyone who accesses the school sites will be expected to follow our hand hygiene and social distancing requirements.

Parents can still communicate with school using emails and telephone. 

What will the classrooms look like for most children?

We have had to make some changes to the way our classrooms are set out.  Classrooms now have desks facing the front rather than groups of tables from Year 2 upwards. This does not apply to Year 1 and Reception.

What will happen at lunchtime?

Schools will provide a hot school dinner option and children can still bring a packed lunch from home if they wish. Lunch times will be staggered and to ensure that everyone has time to eat and enjoy some time outside. Due to the staggered lunchtimes, some classes may need to eat in their classrooms.

What can children bring to school?

Children should bring as little as possible to school.  We have created toolkits of resources such as stationary for each child that will be kept at school.  Children can bring their library books with them; we have a system in place for ‘quarantining’ the books when they are returned to us. Packed lunches can be brought from home as well as a water bottle which will remain in school all week.

How will you be able to maintain the bubbles during whole school activities?

Whole school gatherings will not be possible for the time being.

We will be holding virtual assemblies by age group.

Playtimes will be staggered and each bubble will have a dedicated zone. Children will not mix bubbles during these times. Areas can be used by more than one bubble, preferably not at the same time, but they are cordoned to ensure appropriate social distancing between different bubbles and children don’t mix.

How will staff administer first aid?

All trained first aiders are still qualified to administer first aid and will continue to do so. They will observe hand washing guidance and ensure that all equipment is thoroughly cleaned. The member of staff will also wear appropriate PPE (disposable gloves, apron and face covering and face visor).

Will the school change its cleaning routines?

Our cleaners will continually tour the schools, cleaning as they go.  Each classroom has facilities for cleaning equipment and surfaces and this will be done regularly throughout the day.

What happens if there is a fire?

Assembly points will be moved to allow for distance but the procedure will still be retained. We will practice assembling at the new points as soon as we are back.

Late arrivals


Children should arrive at school promptly. However, if you are late arriving at school, please ring the buzzer at the car park gate and a staff member will come to collect your child.  Please maintain social distancing if there is more than one family arriving at the same time.

Trumpington Meadows

Children should arrive at school promptly. However, if you are late arriving at school, please complete the late arrival slip, ring the buzzer at the front entrance, wait behind the yellow and black line then a staff member will let your child in to school.  No more than one family should wait in this area.