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Achievements and Progress Certificates

St John’s Achievement and Progress Awards Autumn 2020


Achievement Award

Progress Award

11th September

Joseph – Following instructions, taking part in all our activities and always smiling!

Selina – Her positive attitude towards her work and empathy to her peers.

18th September

Romane – Settling into our class, making new friends and taking part in our learning.

Natasha – Making the right choice, enjoying working alongside her peers and taking part in our lessons.

25th September

Aaliyah – Settling into Trumpington Meadows, making new friends and working alongside her peers.

Zayn – Practical maths and his super understanding of greater than and less than.

2nd October

Katie – Super attitude to her work, spelling ‘jungle’ independently and gaining 5 house points!

Thomas – Great ideas for his setting and character, a crocodile

9th October

Ellie - for her fantastic reading and comprehension, both at home and at school.

Lexie - for her effort in English and Maths. 

16th October

Laura - Super effort, reordering sentences to make sense and reading the sentence back.

Penelope - Fantastic number bond knowledge to ten and twenty. Penelope’s maths presentation is excellent (one digit one square)

23rd October

Tyler - for his careful letter formation, copying a sentence, using handwriting lines. Well done!

Kyran - super attitude to learning, great effort blending sounds in phonics.


Autumn 2


Achievement Award

Progress Award

2nd November

Samuel – for maths. His presentation, one digit one square, and number bond knowledge to twenty.

Stella – for applying her phonics knowledge in reading at home and at school.

9th November

Lucas - for listening how to make the right choice.

Vanessa - in all subjects: ordering words to make sentences and use of a numberline in maths. Well done.

16th November



23rd November



30th November



7th December



14th December