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11/05/2020 Look on Tapestry to see the NEW videos added daily! Listen to Shark in the Park being red and looking at the Letter S. Check back each day, it would be lovely to see what you have been upto or for you just to say Hello! 

04/05/2020 Have you seen what the staff have been upto at the Trumpington Federation?   Check out the link below:                                                                                                                                                                          

27/04/2020   Please remember to check your Tapestry account for ideas and activities.                              I have uploaded a new attachment to home Learning with 20 Screen free activities, have a look!           

20/04/2020 Welcome back to what would have been the first day of the summer term. 

Can we remind you all to look through your emails and find the one from Tapestry. Please use the email to activate your account so you can see pictures and comments from your child's time in nursery and you can upload any fun things that you are doing at home. We hope to be utilising this platform a lot more after Easter, so please make sure you are signed up and contact the school office if you have any further questions.                                                                                                                        We would love to see what you have been doing at home, you can upload photos to share and keep in touch with staff.                                                                                                                                                                      I have been painting some wooden Hungry Caterpillar shapes I ordered online. First I had to prime them all white, then I used some Acrylic paints to paint them. I had to do some mixing to get the right colours that I wanted.  I just need to paint them with some clear varnish now so that they stay nice.     I really enjoyed doing these, I sat in the garden painting and enjoying the sun whilst I waited for them to dry in between coats.                                                                                                                                                           I already have my next set, lots of yummy Ice creams and lollies. Maybe you could design one for me to do? You could send your ideas to the office or through Tapestry. 


13/04/2020   The butterflies enjoyed the sunshine and spent time outside in the garden within their butterfly house. They were very active and two of them managed to sneak out whilst I was putting an orange slice in for them. When it came to releasing them they did not seem to want to go and needed some persuasion.                                                                                                                                                       Check our Tapestry page for a video!                                                                                                                                 

07/04/2020 - The butterflies are here!                                                                                                                     Yesterday evening when I stopped to check on the chrysalises I saw that one butterfly had already come out and one had only just come out, yet to open its wings.                                                                     However this morning when I came down all five were out including the one that did not attach. One of the butterflies has shorter damaged wings so may not be able to fly.  He can stay in the butterfly house if necessary. I have made up some food which is sugar mixed with water and drizzled on the sponge. I have also put some orange slices in as they like some juice.                                                  This afternoon I put the butterfly house outside in the garden so they could enjoy the sunshine and some fresh air. They seemed to enjoy it.            CHECK OUT TAPESTRY FOR SOME VIDEOS                                               


30/03/2020                                                                                                                                                                                    The caterpillars continue to sleep, I keep checking on them but nothing yet!                                                    It has been lovely seeing what some of you have been up to and sharing observations on Tapestry.    If you haven't signed up yet or need to reactivate then please email with FAO Miss Pena. I can then have a look and get back to you via the office. 

23/03/2020                                                                                                                                                                                     As we begin a week at home, I have been working from home. My dog Ralph has kept be company, he has loved everyone being at home.  I have brought our caterpillars home and they have grown so much! Over the weekend they were very wiggly and active. This morning I came down to find that 4 of our 5 caterpillars have attached themselves to the lid.                                                                                                                                                                                Joe Wicks is doing PE lessons every morning at 9 am if you want to join in, the videos we enjoyed at Nursery were also Joe Wicks but only 5 or 8 minutes. 30 seconds exercise and 30 seconds rest. Have a look on youtube and you can do them at home with your families.                                                                   Check the Home Learning tab on the right for some links to apps and ideas to keep you busy. 

On Wednesday morning I woke to find the caterpillars have now began the chrysalis stage and there was some wriggling going on.   By the evening the stopped any movements and I removed the lid and added it to the Chrysalis station and then into the Live Caterpillar House ready for their transformation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  



16/03/2020 Our caterpillars have been getting bigger and bigger, we have enjoyed watching them grow!  We have also been making our own caterpillars from play dough. We have enjoyed rolling balls of play dough and teaching others too. 

09/03/2020 We planned making a jam sandwich then made our own. It was good fun and very yummy! We talked about our favourite sandwich fillings, cheese was a big hit. 

We have planted some tomatoes seeds, basil and lettuce. We watered them and put them in our little greenhouse. We were lucky to have some Year 6 helpers deweed our raised bed ready to add some compost before we start our planting for the spring.

02/03/2020 We have chitted our potato seeds ready to plant next week. These were sent to us by We hope to do some digging in our raised bed and start off some seeds.                                                                 We were also really lucky and managed to get a 10 minute slot in the Planetarium, it was really exciting and we had a great time. 

24/02/2020 We celebrated Shrove Tuesday by having pancakes with lemon and sugar, we really enjoyed them.  It was a cold windy day so we treated ourselves to hot chocolate. 

10/02/2020 We enjoyed making and eating our own porridge. We did lots of stirring and had a squeeze of honey in our bowls. It warmed us up and was a great way to end our story topic. 

03/02/2020 As we finished off Chinese New Year the children loved reading Goldilocks and the three bears so we have been pouring and measuring oats! We used props to retell the story and looking forward to making and eating our own porridge next week.


We enjoyed many activities celebrating the year of the rat, we particularly enjoyed performing the dragon dance and watching the singing and dancing dragon.

27/01/2020  Some Year 6 children helped decorate the learning pod ready for our Chinese New Year Celebrations! 

20/01/2020 We went on a winter morning walk and looked at the frost. We enjoyed listening to it crunch as we walked on the grass and mark making on the benches. Some of us used our hands, some used sticks and some even gave it a lick!

13/01/2020 We have enjoyed reading The Gingerbread Man and making our own. 

Happy New Year to you all. we look forward to learning and having fun with our friends.                               We will be getting our raised beds ready for planting so look out for some sign up sheets to come and help us please. We can provide tea and biscuits!                                                                                                 We have been looking at our 10 Core Nursery Rhymes and making up boxes with resources, along with some different versions to try out. This week we have begun to use our first box in small groups.    Can you guess which nursery rhyme we have started with? 

Thank you for coming to our Christmas singing, Merry Christmas!