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2018 - 2019

Week 8

We have had lots of fun during our last week celebrating all of our achievements in Reception!

The children performed a few of the songs from the Bug Ball to Year one and Year two during assembly. 

The children (and teachers!) have managed the heat really well this week. We have been staying in the shade, wearing our hats and drinking lots of water.

Today we say goodbye to our fantastic TA Mrs Topliss. Thank you for all of your help and support. We will miss you!

And finally, I would like to say a HUGE thank you, to all of you wonderful parents. I have had a super year teaching your children and getting to know you all. Thank you for the time, support and kindness you have showed me throughout the year. I really appreciate all of your kind words, gestures and gifts. You should be very proud of your children- they are amazing little people and I know they will have a fabulous time in Year one!

Hope you all have a happy, restful and safe summer.

C McGuinness


Week 7

The last day of term is next Wednesday 24th July.

Thank you to all the parents who have supported the teaching team, as well as your children, throughout the year.

We wish you a well deserved rest and a very happy summer holiday.

Week 6

We have all been enjoying practising our songs ready for the Bug Ball performance on July 22nd!

Week 5

The children have been doing lots of wonderful learning outside this week. They have been reading, making treasure hunts, dressing up and playing with lego and playdough.

The new shade over the sandpit has been very useful, although the children are great at keeping safe in the sun! 




The children enjoyed playing in the new tyre park with their Buddies!




Week 4

The children have been enjoying the lovely weather this week and have been doing lots of learning outside.



The children have enjoyed using The Very Hungry Caterpillar text.



The children have been writing their own sentences.


Week 3

This week we continued learning about minibeasts.

The children made super fact files about minibeasts.



In maths we have been learning about symmetry. The children made symmetrical patterns on butterfly templates, peg boards and using hamma beads.

We are also revising finding 1 more and 1 less using a numberline.

Outside, the children have enjoyed working together to build dens. They have also had lots of fun playing on the new swing!

Week 2

I think this piece of writing sums up the weather this week! The children have also been writing fact files about snails and spiders.

They have been reading simple sentences and discussing what they mean.

It is important that children understand what they are reading and can talk about it.


In preparation for Year one, the children have started to complete phonics sheets, they all sit down together and complete their reading and writing independently. The children will take these home so you can practice reading with them.

We continued making number bonds to 10, using unifix cubes.

We have also been revising teen numbers- ordering and recognition.

The children made some super minibeasts from playdough.



Summer B- Week 1

Welcome back!

We have had a very busy first week back. Our new topic is Minibeasts and the children have had great fun looking for minibeasts in the garden.


The children have been making minibeasts from transient art.

They have been threading beads onto jellyfish legs and they have written some wonderful sentences about their half term holidays.


The children made their own signs. We put them on a new writing display in our classroom. I'm sure you will agree the children are fabulous writers!



Week 4

We had a great time visiting the local allotments. 


The children have been doubling in Maths.

They have been creative making garden scenes with transient art and cutting and sticking to make flowers.


We have amazing writers in Queens class! The children have been retelling their trip to the allotments using actions, story maps and writing. They have been busy making posters to remind people to look after our flowers and gardens! They are confident, keen writers and they should be very proud of themselves!

Week 3

We have been doing lots of fun role-play this week.



We have been writing about Jack and The Beanstalk. And practised reading words and sentences with the 'oi' 'or' and 'ar' digraphs in them.


In maths we have been measuring, doubling and counting in 2's and 5's.

 Week 2

This week we have been re-telling the story of Jack and The Beanstalk using actions. We also used musical instruments as part of role-play.


We made beanstalks using different art materials.

We have been halving objects in maths and using language such as whole, half, equal and halves.

Week 1- Summer A

Welcome back! I hope you all had a great Easter break.

This week we listened to The Easter Story.

The children shared their holiday news.

We had great fun going on an Easter Egg hunt. The children read a letter from The Easter Bunny asking them to help find his lost eggs! The children read clues which led to them to eggs.



Week 6

This week we went on a spring walk around the school. It was lovely spotting different flowers and looking at the changes in our outdoor environment. 





We have been experimenting with powder paint, mixing different colours using paint brushes and pipettes.

We have been using clocks to talk about the time and we have been learning to count in 2's, 5's and 10's.


We have been practising writing simple sentences, remembering how important it is to segment our words and leave finger spaces!


Have a wonderful holiday and Happy Easter! Thank you for your continued support.


Week 5

This week we have been enjoying the beautiful sunshine and have been doing lots of lovely learning in our outdoor area. 



We continued learning about dinosaur facts.

We learnt the ng digraph.

And we used fishing rods to pick up magnetic numbers at the finger gym table.

We drew pictures and made patterns on the computer and IWB.

Have a happy and sunny weekend :)


Week 4

This week we have been exploring different non-fiction books. We discussed how helpful the contents page can be and used it to find information we were looking for.

We have been writing our own facts about animals.

We have been learning about animals habitats and we made very interesting sea habitats using transient art.


We used watercolours to paint animals.

In maths we continued counting, doubling and using mathematical language to describe 2D and 3D shapes. And now we can all identify numbers to 20! 

In phonics we have been practising digraphs learnt so far, we have been blending and segmenting 4 and 5 letter words and we have also been looking for digraphs in reading books and writing down as many as we find! Another busy week of learning!

See you all on Monday.

Week 3


This week we enjoyed learning about different animals. We built up a fact file which is going to help us with our writing tasks next week. 

The visit from the Animal Encounter on Wednesday was amazing! We saw animals such as: a Crested Gecko, a Chameleon, a Milk snake, a Royal Python and a Meerkat. The children were very brave and some even held the Royal Python on their knee! I wasn't so brave!

As part of science week we had fun carrying out a chromatography experiment. We made predictions and discussed what happened and why.

In maths we have been learning number 19. We have been using Numicon, dice and tens frames to make teen numbers. We have also been using mathematical language to describe 3D shapes. Ask your children how many faces the shapes have and what their names are- I am sure you will be impressed!

Have a great weekend.

Week 2

This week we have been reading and doing lots of activities based around The Gruffalo story.

We read clues and went on a Gruffalo hunt!

We had a great time celebrating World Book Day.

Have a great weekend.

Spring B Week 1

We have had a really brilliant week focusing on PSED (Personal, Emotional, Social Development).

The children really have showed what a caring, kind class they are and that if we work as a team we can achieve anything! We have read some lovely books about how to manage our feelings, how to share and how to promote and gain self-confidence.

We have played lots of games such as snap, snakes and ladders and pairs. The children have worked together to build various different things using construction blocks, they have made things using junk art and they even worked in groups to design their own playground.



We have also been....

  reading and writing rhyming words.

 writing and reading tricky words.

 practising teen numbers and counting accurately.

 being creative with transient art.

Have a restful weekend. See you on Monday :)


Week 7

We have had a busy week linking lots of our learning to Chinese New Year.

We have been counting money into Chinese money envelopes and we have practised writing Chinese symbols.


We have been doing lots of number mark making, writing about the Chinese Great Race and practising writing tricky words.


We have been learning about subtraction in maths and we made bead strings to help us with taking away.

We have also been celebrating Valentine's Day. And to mark the end of the Chinese New Year celebration we tasted noodles, prawn crackers, lychees and Chinese green tea. What a busy week!


Have a fantastic half term holiday and enjoy the mild, sunny weather! 

Week 6

This week we have been learning all about Chinese New Year. We have been making Chinese lanterns and good luck money envelopes. We used different materials to make Chinese New Year transient art.


We read the story of The Great Race and designed medals for each animal. We talked about ordinal numbers in maths and continued adding two groups together.


We had great fun planting trees in the main playground. We are looking forward to watching them grow!


Week 5

This week we have been carrying out floating and sinking experiments. We had great fun making predictions, recording them and then testing them to see if we were right.


We have been doing lots of writing and storytelling based on Mr Gumpy's Outing. We even made boats from junk art and then tested them to see if they could hold all of the animals and still float!

We have been learning the w, z and zz sounds in phonics.

We used magnetic letters to build words and have been practising reading tricky words.



In maths we moved pictures of ourselves on and off a bus template to find 1 more and 1 less.

We were also adding two groups together and learning how to record a number sentence.

Keep warm and have a great weekend!

Week 4

This week we have been learning the sounds y (yet) oa (boat) and ss (glass)

We drew story maps of The Train Ride and the children were able to retell the story using actions.

Our number of the week is 13 and our shape of the week is the cone.

We enjoyed playing different board games, card games and dominoes with our Buddies from year 5.

We have been practising using the correct letter formation when writing words and sentences.


Week 3

This week we have been writing sentences based on the The Train Ride text.

We have been practising our phonics by reading short sentences on train tickets.

We have been learning the phonemes j and b.

In P.E we are doing Gymnastics.


We have been using different resources to practise counting accurately.



Our number of the week is 12. 

As well as recording tally charts we have used lollypop sticks to show how a tally looks.

Have a great weekend!

Spring A- Week 2

This week we had a visit from Isobel's Mum. She talked to us about her job in the hospital. We had fun listening to our heartbeat using a stethoscope and dressing up as doctors. 

We have had a great start back to the new term! Our new topic is called On the Move.

We have been listening to and retelling the story of The Train Ride. We will be using this text for writing and painting over the next few weeks. The 'ee' and 'ai' diagraphs that we have been learning will help us with our writing.


In maths we have been practising writing numbers.

Our number of the week is 11.

We have been counting the dots on dominoes and dice and we have used our 'top tips for counting' to help us count objects accurately.

This half term we are learning about 3D shapes. This week we explored the cube. Have a look at home and see if you can find any cubes!

Week 7 and 8

On Thursday we had a visit from Aviad's Dad who came to talk to us about Hanukkah. He showed us the Menorah and brought in Dreidels for us to play with.


We have been making numicon number lines.

We have been counting objects and matching them to a number.

We have been ordering numbers 1-20.

We have been reading and writing cvc words and we are beginning to write short sentences.

Below is a picture of our new writing wall. 


Week 5

This week we have been measuring the height of different objects. We have used ribbon, string, big building blocks and multi-link cubes. We have also been ordering items by their height. Ask your children who was the tallest- Miss McGuinness or Mrs Coad!

We have been doing some fantastic re-telling of the story The Black Hat using story maps and actions.

We have also been learning about estimation. We estimated how many objects are in a jar and then we had a go at guessing how many penguins and doughnuts were on the page.

This week we have been making Rangoli patterns and Diva lamps in celebration of Diwali.

We have been using different objects to explore capacity.