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2018 - 19


Pembroke Class have been making blood! This helped us to name the different blood components and to explain the function of each component. Please see the attached entitled 'Understanding the structure of blood'.

We used the inspiration of The Rainbow Serpent and Kit Wright's poem 'The Magic Box' to write our own class poem.

Libby was so inspired by the Rainbow Serpent story that she has retold it in poem form.

And these are what our frog and kangaroo puppets look like......

We have really enjoyed our homework projects. Ilias made some biscuits using a rationing recipe and he also made an Anderson Shelter.

Isobel got creative and made a gas mask.

We have been honing our newspaper writing skills. See the document below (the one with the very long number)!


Pembroke class have had and exciting and successful start to the new year and to their new topic, 'I'm a pupil, get me out of here!'.

Friday 25th January

We have had another great week this week with the majority of us doing our cycling course with the Bikeability coaches. We braved the cold to go out onto the roads of Trumpington; it was a great success. Hopefully, we will now have lots of opportunities to put our new skills to good use!

Friday 8th February

This week we have been learning about the different layers in the rainforest and how animals have adapted to the different conditions in each of the layers. Here is Syon's brilliant diagram: