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2018 - 19


Summer Term (second half)

Week 7

It will be Ms Coppola's last day of teaching Clare Class on Monday 22nd July. 

Mrs Gordon will see the children through to the very end of term on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

Thank you to all the parents who have supported the teaching team, as well as your children, throughout the year.

We wish you a well deserved rest and a very happy summer holiday.

Week 6

We have all been practising our songs for the Bug Ball, ready for our performance on July 22nd!

Week 5

We have been singing our songs for the Bug Ball and learning some new ones.

We have been practising writing longer sentences using high-frequency words, captial letters, full stops and finger spaces.

We have been using 2-D shapes to make repeating patterns and counting.

We have been doing lots of wonderful outdoor learning and play in the beautiful weather. Did you know that we have a new canopy over the sand pit to keep us shady and cool?


Making a den.


In the mud kitchen.

On our tyre swing.


In the sandpit with our shady canopy.


Playing on the new play equipment in the main playground with our Year 5 buddies.

Enjoy your weekend - we hope to see you at the Summer Fair on Saturday!

Week 4

The children have been making Superhero masks:


Threading and painting pasta:


Estimating, doubling and counting:


And learning about the life cycle of a butterfly:


The children have had some high level reading challenges:

And have made some lovely transient art:


 Another hard working week, Clare Class, well done!

Enjoy your weekend.

We have been writing fact files and little books about minibeasts, including 'Superworm'!

We have been learning about symmetry and looking at how things are repeated on both sides of a 'mirror line' or 'line of symmetry'.



We have been learning and re-telling the story of 'Superworm' using our Talk For Writing actions and Story Map.


We have revised digraphs sh and ch.

We have been closely observing insects and then painting them.


And we have continued to work on writing strings of words that rhyme.

The children have been busy indoors and out all week - well done! Have a good weekend.

Week 2

This week we have focused on snails and spiders as our minibeast interest.

The children have had a go at writing their own information books about minibeasts. There has been some wonderful sentence writing being displayed - we are very proud of your children.

There has been some amazing  minibeast creations going on in the Creative Area. The children are getting really good at planning, altering and talking about the models that they make.

We're hoping that next week will bring some dry weather!

Enjoy your weekend.


Week 1

The children have embarked on our final topic for the academic year: MINIBEASTS!

We have shared our initial ideas on a 'mind map' to share what we already know.

We have been out in the Reception garden looking for all sorts of minibeasts.

We have started learning some songs about minibeasts.

We have been learning about number bonds that make 10.

We have enjoyed being creative in the junk modelling, transient art and watercolour painting areas this week, making and painting a whole host of wonderful insects and 'bug hotels'.

Enjoy your weekend.

Summer Term (first half)

Week 5

This week we have been learning about the life cycle of a ladybird - this was initiated by our wonderful trip to the local allotments, last week.

We have been carrying out 'I Spy' activities around the Reception Garden.

We have been learning about the concept of 'sharing' and 'equally dividing', in maths.

We have been labelling parts of a plant, accurately.

We have been practising using high frequency and 'tricky' words in our sentence construction.

We have been matching up and writing rhyming words - 'fox' and 'socks', for example.


Enjoy your half term week, next week. We will see you back at school on TUESDAY 4th June.

Week 4

We have been busy planting seeds in the Reception vegetable patch: sweetcorn, courgette, sunflower and carrots.

The children have been working independently and in pairs on doubling and halving.


There has been lots of cutting and sticking going on, with talk and discussion about parts of a plant.

We have been creative with our transient art materials.

We have been practising our reading and writing skills.

And have designed our own seed packets.

We went on a trip to the local allotments, where we looked at wild flowers, mini beasts and animal habitats.



Enjoy your weekend.

Week 3

This week we have been working on:

  • The phoneme 'ar' (car, start, supermarket)

  • Doubling numbers and beginning to recognise that this means timesing a number by two.

  • Improving our fine motor skills by rolling balls of playdough to make tiny peas for Jack and huge peas for The Giant.

  • Using a variety of transient art materials to create imaginative representations of The Giant's castle.

  • Writing menus for The Giant, which have included hundreds of pizzas and hundreds of ice creams!

  • Writing instructions on how to plant a seed.

  • learning, remembering and using 'tricky words' and high frequency words in our writing and speech.

Have a great weekend and a good rest. See you next week.

Week 2

We have said a fond farewell to Ms Jannoch, who has moved on to new and exciting adventures. Thank you for all the kind wishes and goodbyes that you gave her.

Mrs Gordon is settling in very well with the children in Clare Class. She will be teaching every Tuesday and Wednesday and Ms Coppola will be teaching every Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Children in Clare Class have learned the phoneme 'oi' (coin, soil, oil)

They have learned the mathematical vocabulary 'whole', 'half', 'halve', 'halving'. 'equal'. They have investigated whole and half objects as well as noticing other ways in which things can be divided.


We have all been very busy learning the story of Jack and the Beanstalk using 'Talk For Writing' actions and the children have drawn their own story maps to help them remember each stage of the story in detail.

We have made a variety of bean stalks of our own using play dough, collage and have also planted real beans to grow into bean stalks.




We wish you a restful Bank Holiday weekend -

see you next Tuesday 7th May.


Week 1

A shorter week than usual has not stinted a huge amount of learning, great work and busy activity. In phonics, Reception children have learned the phoneme 'or' (fork, sport, order) and continue to learn and use a range of 'tricky' and high frequency words.

We have been using coins to do some great adding - using our 'adding machine'

 and have played games of 'Easter Snap' with one another:

We have been creative with our Easter Egg transient art:


and have enjoyed using our imaginations with colourful collage:

The children have learned about the meaning of the Easter Story: we talked about the importance of this festival within Christianity, and had a stimulating discussion about the concept of resurrection!

The highlight of the week was receiving a letter from the Easter Bunny!

The children read the letter together, in pairs - 


and then worked in groups to read clues for an Easter Egg hunt.


A great time was had by all! What a great start to the new term.

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you for Ms Jannoch's last week with us, next week.

Week 6

The children in Clare Class have been looking at the signs of Spring. We have discussed things around us that are blossoming, budding and growing. We have also had some extensive talk about animals and the names of their young. Did you know that a baby rabbit is called a kitten?


We have been combining colours to recreate spring flowers in our painting:

And we have been working really hard on learning and spelling 'tricky' words and applying them in our writing:


We all wish you a very restful Easter break.

Week 5.

The children in Clare Class have been learning more facts about dinosaurs, including their different names and the terms 'carnivore' and 'herbivore'. Lots of children had a go at writing their own 'fact file' about a chosen dinosaur: we had some very impressive sentence writing. 



And the children also got creative with making mother's day cards:


In phonics, we have been working on the digraph 'ng' ('thing', 'ring', 'Spring') With the onset of mild weather this week, the children have enjoyed doing lots of learning in our outdoor environment, too. 

Enjoy your weekend and we wish you a happy family time together.

Week 4.

Children in Clare Class did some very interesting dissection of owl pellets, this week. They found lots of different bones that had been consumed as part of the owls' diet. We used an identification chart to work out some of the different bones.


We have been talking about the features of an information text ('non-fiction'). Your children are beginning to think about terms such as 'contents page', 'information', 'facts' and 'index'. Children in Reception have been writing their own factual sentences.

Our mystery reader this week was Marianne's mum, who brought in some geological specimens for the children to look at. These included granite, coral, volcanic lava and pudding stone. Thank you for such an informative and exciting visit!


Our phonics this week included the digraphs 'oo' (book, look, shook) and 'oo' (moon, spoon, food). We also reviewed some 'tricky' and high frequency words.

Have a lovely weekend.

Week 3.

To celebrate Science Week, children dressed up as animals on Monday.

We did some 'skittles chromatography':

And we had a visit from 'Animal Experiences' during which we learned about wonderful creatures such as the chameleon, Chile Rose tarantula, royal python and hissing cockroach!



We also learned two different sounds for the digraph 'th':

'hard' th (thing, think, bath) and 'soft' th (that, there, they).

Some of us had red noses to celebrate Red Nose Day and made donations for the charity Children In Need. Thank you to all of those who took the time to come and support our wonderful Science Festival at Trumpington Meadows school on Thursday. Wasn't it great?!

Have a restful weekend.

Week 2.

This week, children in Clare class planted some Rowan saplings in the school grounds. The children worked in pairs and planted the baby trees in holes with soil, a cane to keep them stable and a plastic protector to keep them safe from nibbling creatures. Mr Bass showed us what to do and then we worked really well in our pairs.



The children had some fantastic costumes to celebrate World Book Day on Thursday.



They have been using lovely stick puppets and woodland resources to re-tell the story of The Gruffalo.


The children worked on more number activities, lots of book-related activities and learned the phoneme 'ow' (owl, prowl, cow).  The children have also been working hard on their high frequency (common) and 'tricky' (common exception) words this week. Well done for another week of work and fun.

Have a great weekend.

Week 1.

We have had a really interesting and fun first week back after the half term holiday focusing on PSED (Personal, Social, Emotional Development.) We have been sharing lots of books that deal with big emotions and friendships and the children have engaged in activities that have involved turn-taking, sharing and talking to one another in a co-operative manner. We played 'Jenga', Snakes and Ladders, 'Connect Four', to name a few. We also did some wonderful team-building and group activities, such as parachute games, sharing a picture (drawing in a small, collaborative group) and 'Pass the Squeeze'. We have set up a 'Kindness Wall' for children to nominate one another for the kind deeds and words that they experience.



In phonics we learned phonemes 'x' (fox, box, axe) and 'v' (violin, violet, love)

We also worked very hard on 'tricky' and high frequency words, this week. Lots of children are using some of these words very ably in their writing.


In our maths we have been continuing with subtraction and taking away.

We are looking forward to doing some activities based around The Gruffalo next week: if you have the book at home, you might like to share it with your child over the weekend and/or upcoming week.

Have a good weekend.







Week 7 - a bit more Chinese New Year!


In our maths, we have been working on subtraction. The children have begun to make number 'sentences' using the minus sign and the equals sign. Number of the week was 16.

We continued our work on the Great Race for Chinese New Year and enjoyed a wonderful Chinese Food Tasting experience. The children were offered noodles, prawn crackers and green tea. Most thought they were delicious; a few were a bit nonplussed!

To end the week, the children enjoyed decorating and eating biscuits with their Year 5 buddies. It has been a very foodie week!

Enjoy a restful half term holiday.


Week 6. Chinese New Year.

We have all really enjoyed finding out about how Chinese New Year is celebrated. The children have discovered the artistic delights of Chinese lanterns, money wallets and dragon pictures:



~The children have been learning about the story of The Great Race, which gives the tradition of naming each new year after a different animal.

In maths, number of the week was 15.

And the children learned about 'ordinal numbers' (first, second, third). Veron did a great job of ordering all the ordinal numbers and adding numicon pieces to represent each one. Good job, Veron!

In phonics, children learned new phonemes 'ch' (chair) and 'sh' (fish).

Has your child told you about our Year 5 buddies? Every Friday, Year 5 children come and spend some time with their Reception 'buddy'. Activities vary: reading books together, playing outside together, playing board games together. It is a wonderful and valuable experience for everyone involved.  This week, we shared some books together:


We are looking forward to continuing to learn about Chinese New Year, next week.


Week 5 - Another busy week in Clare class:

In our maths, this week, the children counted children on and off a bus, counting one more and one less each time. 

The children have started learning how to add two groups of objects together, using the symbols to make a 'number sentence'.

In phonics, children have learned 'w' (wet), 'z' (zig-zag) and 'zz' (jazz) 

The children have done lots of writing and reading using the book 'Mr Gumpy's Outing' as a springboard. They really enjoyed listening to how all the different animals caused a commotion on Mr Gumpy's boat. Children have used magnetic letters to support their writing, as well as doing some great independent writing using their segmenting and blending skills. Your children really are becoming accomplished readers and writers!

The children explored the concept of sinking and floating, using their predicting and observations skills:

We enjoyed the snow this week - and got quite wet and muddy, too.

Next week we shall be learning about Chinese New Year and will be learning the digraphs 'ch' and 'sh'.


The children in Clare Class have been busy this week:

Week 4

This week we have been learning the sounds y (yes) oa (goat) and ss (mess)

We drew story maps of The Train Ride and the children were able to retell the story using actions.

Our number of the week has been 13 and we have been doing lots of counting.

We enjoyed playing different board games, card games and dominoes with our Buddies from year 5.

We have been practising using the correct letter formation when writing words and sentences.




What is happening in Clare Class?

January 2109: Here are some pictures of things that we have been doing in our first full week back at school:

Our new topic is 'On the Move', revolving around the theme of transport. The children have enjoyed looking at a variety of books linked to this topic.


Children have been having a go at drawing their own vehicles:

And the role play area has transformed in to a bus and bus stop!


If your child has a favourite book about vehicles or transport, do bring it in to class to share.

On Friday 14th December it was Christmas Jumper wearing day - we raised money for the charity Save The Children. Have a look at some of the great jumpers that we had in class ...





week ending 30th November

We had a visit from Nadav's dad, Guy, who came to tell us the story of Hanukkah and about how this festival is celebrated. He brought in some pictures of doughnuts, latkas, oil jars and menorah which we enjoyed talking about. He also showed us how to use a dreidel, which is a spinning top toy. Thank you!



We have been busy in class this week, measuring the different heights of objects using blocks, lego, ribbons and measuring tapes.


As part of a whole school activity based around the writing, re-telling and thinking about themes in the story 'The Black Hat' by Maia Walczak, the children have made some fantastical creatures and beautiful butterflies which they imagined might have come out of the hat itself.

week ending 23rd November

In our class, we are getting ready to learn about Hanukkah. Our topic board shows some of the celebrations and festivals that we have learned about, so far, as well as some forthcoming ones! Which one is your favourite?


Look at all the phonemes and common exception words that we have learned, so far:


We have recently acquired two desktop computers in our classroom. The children are beginning to learn how to control a mouse and use simple software.

Last week we had a go at ordering capacity pictures:

Children made divas from clay:

Making our own mendhi patterns:


17.12.2018                                                         Winter Maths Cafe

Thanks to all those that were able to attend the Winter Maths Cafe in November. We have uploaded the photos into the file 'Winter Maths Cafe' on the tab to the right. Please take a look with your child. We all had a lovely morning! We have attached the 'Maths at Home' sheet at the bottom of this page for those parents that were unable to make the session. 

The children all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas lunch on Thursday, served by Year Six pupils. 

We all enjoyed wearing and admiring others' Christmas jumpers on Friday. 
For our weekly update, please see below.

Thank you to everyone who to came to watch the Reception Christmas Concert.  The children did remarkably well learning new songs and performing to an audience. We are extremely proud of them and we hope you are too.

This week we have learned phonemes U and L

In maths we learned about length

Number of the week: 10

Read 'The Nativity' and talked about how we celebrate Christmas

While Fawcett School was cold and closed to pupils, the Reception Team stayed warm by doing lots of useful things. We now have a lovely new music wall and a water wall which will be ready to use, soon. We have also had a spring clean of our large construction area and our Mud Kitchen area.


Week ending 23rd November 2018

Week ending 16th November 2018

A reminder:  Maths Cafe Stay and Play at Fawcett on the morning of Tuesday 20th November and at Trumpington Meadows on Monday 26th November. All Parents and Carers welcome at either session.

A call-out:  Parent volunteers wanted! We would like to start our Forest School program, but in order for this to happen we need 1-2 parent helpers per session.  If you like the outdoors and are willing to help out on a regular basis (every Tuesday afternoon 1 - 3) please contact Ms Jannoch in Clare Class.


Week ending 9th November 2018