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New Zealand- mAORI mASKS

Did you know that native people of New Zealand, called the Maori, are world famous for their unique tattooing?

Beginning centuries ago, the Maori people created designs and carved them into their 
faces to create tattoos called 'moko'. Each person's facial tattoo is different and shows everybody important information about them.   

In the past Maori's used a sharp shell or stone to cut the skin and then rubbed in wet ashes from the fire or  the liquid from burnt twigs and leaves.

Different symbols showed a persons job, who their mum and dad were and how important they were in the tribe. The Maori could look at a 'moko' and  read the history of a person.

Maori Moko Patterns & Meaning:

How important they were in the tribe: The forehead, eyes and nose.
First or second marriage: The temple.
Their name: The area under the nose.
Job: The cheek area.
What kind of person they were: The chin. 
Which number child they are: The jaw.

Trinity class have designed their own 'Maori' Masks, can you read the history of our pupils by looking at their masks patterns?

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