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Spring 2 - Week 4 - 18th March

This week we will be continuing to look at graphs and tables and learning how to interpret them. We will focus on timetables, in particular. If you are catching a train or bus with your children in the coming weeks then perhaps see if they can tell you what time the next bus is coming, how long it will take to get to your destination etc.

We did so much fantastic research last week into the mini-beasts that we found in the playground. We will be continuing to use all that knowledge to write information texts about our animals.

We will also be continuing to put our gymnastics skills into practice, learn about the space race and explore the music of Holst.

Finally, we are expecting some visitors from Astra Zeneca every week for the next 3 weeks. They are going to be helping us with the food energy experiment that we have designed.

Here are the children working hard on the energy challenge, after learning how to use their scientific equipment.